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QH series submersible mixed flow pumps
    • QH series submersible mixed flow pumps
Product Details
QH submersible mixed flow pumps are an update of tranditional pump-motor set.
QH pump is of large capacity and low head, widely used in agriculture irrigation, delivering circulating water in industry thermal power plants, civil water supply and drainage, water level adjustment in docks, mild sewage water drainage. The highest temperature of delivered liquid is 40 ℃, and pH is from 5 to 9.
This pump is similar with axial flow pump in applications, suction and discharge conditions and performance. QH pumps can be an update or replacement in newly-built or old pump stations.
QH pumps have imcomparable advantages over traditional ones because they operates under water and integrity structure:
1, Saving about 30-40% project cost.
2, Reducing construction period by 20%.
3, Saving 95% time of installation.
4, Lower at least 50% weight of sets.
5, Lower the height of superstructure. Pump house is not necessary. Also the flood protection cost could be saved.
6, The cooling condition is good.
7, Running without noise. Easy to operate, maintain and run automatically.

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