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1.The production manager (for one)
Requirements: working fixed number of year: 8-10 years
Job responsibilities:
Qualifications: machine and water pump industry, the best 10 to 15 years of experience, compilation task time, reasonable arrangement of production plan, unite workers team, complete the production plan with good quality.
Work time: Monday to Saturday

2.Turner/millers (move)
Job responsibilities:
1) Finish the distribution of product or process in the link of the production tasks;
2) Strictly in accordance with the requirements of the machine tool operation procedures and machine operation instruction used machine tools;
3) In strict accordance with the machining process documents and drawings, correct process operating procedure list and other quality records;
4) Responsible for the daily maintenance of machine tools;
5) Work to improve self level and the problems in the process of production are also proposed.
1) Engaged in ordinary digital readout milling machine operation for many years, familiar with various material processing characteristics;
2) Familiar with grinding machine, drilling machine, machining working experience is preferred;
3) Industrious, bears hardships and stands hard work, work fast.
Work time: Monday to Saturday

3.Sewing worker (recruit 10 people)
Job responsibilities:
1) In accordance with the requirements for workshop director, unluckily to complete production tasks, finish on the day of the month production tasks;
2) According to the technological requirements for production operation;
3) Obey leadership arrangement, complete this work outside of technological learning tasks;
4) Complete the temporary work assigned by the leadership.
1) More than 18 years of age, high school degree or above;
2) 1 years working experience in manufacturing enterprise;
3) Electrician, welder, Turner, forklift experience is preferred;
4) Bear hardships and stand hard work, has the sense of responsibility.
Work time: Monday to Saturday

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